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Iceland Tips and Tricks for Adventure Girls - Fired up Fridays

Welcome to Fired up Fridays. A place where I share all the badass adventure inspiration I came across this week, in an effort to get you fired up to carve out some awesome adventure time over the weekend. This week I'm bringing you a Fired Up Friday straight outta ICELAND!!! This trip has bee it totally new for me, although I travel abroad often and hike often, I've never combined the two! I'm actually kinda surprised myself to admit it, but yes, I've never been on a trip where the sole focus is hiking and enjoying the amazing scenery. So since I am still in Iceland, in this week's post I am going to quickly jot down my initial tips and tricks for traveling adventure style through Iceland. But don't worry, once my trip is done I will definitely give a full post on my Iceland favs.

Iceland is an Adventure Girls Paradise

Waterfalls, hot springs, and glaciers, oh my! Iceland is loaded with adventure, you can climb a waterfall, hike to a glacier, and watch puffins on the beach all in one day. We planned 7 full days here, and I will definitely be coming back, there is just too much to explore. It's easy to jam pack your days, but make sure you leave some time for free style adventure. Some of my greatest experiences on this trip have been when I saw something interesting on the side of the road and decided to check it out. So slow down, plan two or three stops for the day, and then just let yourself go with the flow.

Don't forget to sleep

We are here in early June, so the sun doesn't "set" until 11:30, but honestly it never really sets. Last night I woke up at 2:30AM and my room was bright as the middle of day. So be prepared, bring a sleeping mask, but also take it easy on yourself. The first two days I got here I stayed up for essentially 48 hours, and then crashed. It's tempting to wake up early, jump outta bed, and run to your first stop, but this can lead to burn out around 3pm. So take your time, enjoy the long nights and relaxing mornings. Time is on your side here.

Talk to Strangers

My two favorite stops so far have been recommendations from strangers. Althpugh both were extremely sketchy at first, a girl from Oregon suggested a thermal river but failed to mention it was about a 3 mile straight up hike, and a local named Willy mentioned a gorgeous drive but failed to mention the road was extremely remote, unpaved and through the snow covered mountains. In both of these situations, we almost turned around, but am so glad I didn't because they were hands down my favorite adventures so far. So strike a conversation up with a stranger, you never know what path they will put you on.

Things are Not Much Different Than Home

To be perfectly honest, before coming to Iceland, I was a little concerned with the food and driving situation. I had heard of Icelanders eating some crazy stuff like fermented shark and had never driven in a foreign Country before. But surprisingly everything has been pretty easy, I've been eating great food, like surprisingly amazing, and navigating the roads has been extremely easy. We have hit up a couple grocery stores, restaurants, and had stations and all have taken credit card. Other than less people and epic scenery, things are not too different than home.

Bring the Right Gear

The weather has been amazing while we have been here, sunny every day. But it had been extremely windy, so much like my coastal town of Monterey, it is best to dress in layers. I suggest a base layer, sweater and jacket with a hat. This way whether you are hiking or driving, you can be comfortable.

Give Yourself Time to Reboot

I am so lucky I have given myself this time to re-energize and reboot. And Iceland is the perfect place for it. The combination of relaxing hot springs and gorgeous scenery is extremely calming. I didn't really realize how much I needed it until I was here. It's been such a invigorating experience breathing in the crisp air whilr getting my blood pumping, hiking to awe inspiring locations. For an adventure girl there is no better place to relax.

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