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Fired Up Fridays

It's time again for another Fired Up Fridays....errr wait I mean Fired Up Thursday. In this post I put all my weekly inspiration in one place in an effort to try and get you fired up for some epic adventure over the weekend. Usually I try to publish on Fridays but every so often I have to hit you with this awesome inspiration a day early because I have some amazing adventure planned over the weekend. And this weekend is no different, so without further ado, lets get fired up!

Trans-Catalina Hike

I am super hyped-up this because I am going on my annual solo hiking adventure this 4th of July weekend. This year I will be hiking across Catalina Island, a small island off of Southern California. I will be traversing the whole island, by myself! Yeah my stoke level is through the roof right now.

This will be the furthest I have gone in a solo long distance hike and for the most amount of days. Last year I hiked the Skyline to Sea trail which was a total of 32 miles over 3 days. This year the Trans-Catalina trail will be a total of 45 miles over 4 days. So its not a crazy increase, but I am proud of pushing myself a little further beyond my comfort zone this year.

Trail Overview

  • Distance: 37.2 miles officially, though I will have to hike to the trailhead on either side so I have heard mixed numbers but probably somewhere around 45 miles.

  • Total elevation gain/loss: 9600′

  • Hiking time: 4 days backpacking, 2 days of travel

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1:  Avalon to Black Jack – 15 miles

  • Day 2: Black Jack to Two Harbors – 12.5 miles

  • Day 3: Two Harbors to Parson’s Landing to Starlight Beach (the official terminus) and back to Parson’s Landing – 15 miles

  • Day 4: Parson’s Landing back to Two Harbors – 6.5 miles

I have always wanted to do this trail. A couple of months ago I was looking ahead on my schedule and noticed I had a long weekend for the 4th of July so I randomly booked the spots. As usual, I haven't thought much about it since, so I have been somewhat scrambling to get everything else in order (dog care, ferry rides, car in shape). But I think it is all coming together nicely, maybe this will be my first trip that goes off without a hitch? We will see (although I do kinda like the unexpected hitches, they always make the trip a little more fun).

Women's Soccer

Who has been following women's soccer this year, awesome right?! These women are pure inspiration, under-paid and under-valued, they just get out there and do what they love and it shows. The women have advanced to the finals, and will face off against the Netherlands on Sunday. I love that so many people will be tuning in on Sunday to watch women play all out in a sporting event, and how this single game is telling such an amazing narrative on women's pay and equal rights.

Quick stat: for 20 exhibition games men make $164,320 more!

Stay tuned or skip forward to minute 3:40 where Amy Wambach talks about just being grateful for having a seat at the table not demanding what she deserves. This story breaks my heart because it is rooted in such fear. This is a huge issue and I am sure if you are a women who has a job you have felt this way at some point. I have so many friends who are scared to demand what they deserve in their workplace even though they constantly out-perform their male counterparts. I hope this story empowers all you amazing women out there to stand-up for yourself.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul

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