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Fired Up Fridays

Time for another Fired up Friday....errrr I mean Fired up Thursday. This week's fired up Friday is coming a day early because I am en route to Utah for a few day backpacking trip with one of my fav adventure buddies.

So Let's Get Fired Up

"Maybe all meaningful journeys begin with a mistake. Some kind of transgression or false turn or flawed idea that sets a certain irresistible odyessey into motion."

- Kate Harris from Lands of Lost Boarders

My inspiration this my trip to Utah obvi! I'm so stoked that a few months ago I had the foresight to buy plan tickets with my friends for a Utah adventure. Honestly I have been pretty stressed lately, work had been beyond crazy (but hey I guess busy is better than slow) and my normal workout routine has been slipping, so this will be the perfect opportunity to get in some much needed me time.

Expect the Unexpected

So the super exciting thing about this trip is, we only have a vague idea of where we are going. I mean I know I am flying into Vegas, meeting Katie and then driving to Zion, but from there it is all freeballin'. Our goal is to hike the Zion Rim Trail, but reserving permits takes a ton of advanced planning, something we did not do. Luckily there are 8 day-of backcountry permits, so we are kind of banking on that. If not we have a vague idea of a back-up but honestly it is another 3 hours away so not ideal.

What Happens in Utah Stays in Utah

If you read this blog often you know I totally preach the trail magic motto, the trip you are gonna have is not always the trip you planned. So I'm super stoked to be embracing the unknown on this trip. Normally I would be freaking out, worried about where we are going to sleep, if we are going to get the permits, oh yeah and there is some rain in the weather forecast. But in the last few years I have started to calm down on the worry front. I'm not sure if the extra outside time has made me a little more mellow or if it just feels good being single and on the road.

Embrace the Unknown

So I'm just gonna go with the flow on this trip. Enjoy the new landcape, fresh air, and a good company. See you on the other side!

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