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To some Big Sur is the iconic coast with its many picturesque locations, to others it is the local artistry and amazing food, to many it is a gateway to a rugged backcountry. But to locals, Big Sur encompasses all of this, coming together to form a way of life.


Come with me explore the iconic Big Sur through the lens of a local, and be transported into a Big Sur State of Mind.   

We will be exploring the iconic Andrew Molera State Park, the trip will start with a little adventure, as we forge the Big Sur River to access our trailhead. Once crossing the River we will emerge onto a beautiful ridgeline trail which provides expansive views of Big Sur with awesome wildflower, bird, and (hopefully) whale watching locations along the way. The journey culminates at a vibrant pink sand beach. Along the way I will be pointing out the unique land formations, flora and fauna, as well as natural history of Big Sur.


My goal of this experience is to offer you a glimpse into Big Sur way of life, a culture that lives much like the ecosystem we will be exploring, all working together to strike a balance between vitality and stillness.