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Call Me Quack

Well my first name is Ashley, but I prefer Quack, I know it sounds weird but it's a long story, just trust me, it’s cool.

I would describe myself as a ferocious feminist with an insatiable urge for wanderlust (and food but we won't get into that here). I get outdoors often, and I have learned a lot through my adventures. Also, having a degree in environmental studies and working as an environmental planner hasn't hurt either. Essentially, my life revolves around learning from and about nature.

So I am also creating this website to start building a community. A community of what I have termed "Soul Rooted Adventurers" - women getting out there and braving the wilderness, taking the time to care for themselves, live in the moment, and just be.

My hope is that the hikes offered and information provided in the blog will inspire and empower women out there that may have the same urge as me for exploration but maybe don't know where to go or how to start, especially on their own. So my plan is to fill this website with curated hikes that will be packed with the all the little nature wisdom nuggets I have learned along the way, whether it be a cool trail, badass adventure skills, solo exploration tips, mindful hiking techniques, or just information about the outside world that I find cool and interesting. My hope is you find the information you need on this website that gives you that little nudge you need to start exploring.

I would love to hear from you, so if you’re in the area and need a partner to go explore or want to learn about something in particular drop me a line.

- XOXO   Quacks 

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