Hike Into A 

Big Sur 

State of Mind

Come with me explore the iconic Big Sur through the lens of a local, and be transported into a Big Sur State of Mind. 

Custom Adventures

to Fit Your

Untamed Life

Relax, reconnect, and unplug with a custom adventure. Good for solo explorers or a small group.

Adventure Skills

Hike for 

Badass Women

Come together with like-minded women to explore pink sand beaches and learn adventure and backpacking skills in Big Sur. 


Why Soul Rooted Adventures?

We are a community of women empowering and supporting each other to explore, learn, and create in the wilderness.

Does this sound like your kind of people? 

Call Me Quack

Hi! I'm your guide to Soul Rooted Adventures and you can call me Quack. My first name is Ashley but I prefer Quack, I know it sounds weird but it's a long story, just trust me, its cool.

I would describe myself as a ferocious feminist with an insatiable urge for wanderlust. I get outdoors quite often and I have learned a lot through my adventures. I have a degree in environmental studies and work as an environmental planner. Essentially, my life revolves around learning from and about nature. I can't wait to take you along with me. 

The Blog

My hope is that the information provided in this blog will inspire and empower other women out there that may have the same urge as me for exploration but maybe don't know where to go or how to backpack, especially on their own. So my plan is to fill this blog with the all the little nature wisdom nuggets I have learned along the way, whether it be a cool trail, badass adventure skills, solo exploration tips, mindful hiking techniques, or just information about the outside world that I find cool and interesting. My hope is you find the information you need in this blog that gives you that little nudge you need to start exploring.


Contact Me

Monterey, CA 93940

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